Sunday, February 03, 2013

18 Months


Xavier is a year and a half. Yowzer.

He is now in the toddler room at school, sitting in a chair at the table, using a fork and spoon and napping on a mat instead of crib. Xavier loves to kick a ball. I was so glad to have had a ball with me at the airport on my way back from Tucson when our flight was delayed 2 hours. He gleefully kicked the ball around the almost empty terminal entertaining himself and the bored passengers. He loves to read and can sit by myself quietly thumbing through books. He loves animals like his sisters and yells "dooo" everytime he sees a dog.  Xavier is big enough now that he can play with his sisters and they want to play with him in return. Both girls absolutely adore him, "he's the cutest!"

He continues to be generally mellow, but he's definitely in that phase where he wants to be able to more than he can. Frustrations leading to tantrums but total joyful exuberance too - that's 18 months.

Happy 1.5 years, little buddy!

18 months


auntie snorg said...

he is an awesome man! i cant wait to see how he challenges his sisters!

Gran said...

He is the cutest! Love his starting to assert his Xavierness.

GranJanne said...

You're such a beautiful boy, both inside and out. Happy 1.5 X!